Hydro energy is inexpensive, less than what is paid in getting energy from the grid, and saves the ratepayers money. Without the dams, more energy will have to be drawn from external sources increasing the cost. Financial experts have examined the real costs of retaining or destroying the dams and found initial cost estimates inaccurate. Keeping the dams will actually save ratepayers money. Interestingly, in the report to the KLPD, it looked like the cost of re-licensing and continuing hydro generation was much more costly than simply giving up the license and destroying the dams. The latest figures, (read on), show quite the reverse is true.

The flip side of the coin shows that property values along the river will decline, as they already had during the decision-making process. This not only could lead to extensive litigation but in about two years after the prices flatten out, re-evaluation of properties could reduce tax for river abutters but increase tax for the rest of the townspeople.

Click Here for Costs Update! (9-2016)