Holiday Poem for The Mousam!

“Save The Mousam”

to the Cadence of the Night Before Christmas


Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the town
We were all worried
The dams could come down

A group of outsiders
Who thought they were good
Promised fish in the river
Where hydro had stood

They went to the schools
And told such a story
Many children believed
That the Mousam was gory

KLPD spent 400K
To seemingly keep the townsfolk at bay
But what happened next occurred so fast
Though some thought that the dye had been cast

With a group led by Donna and Shawn
We wished that Maine Rivers soon would be gone
Meetings, more meetings learning the truth
We needed facts, we needed real proof

We looked at the numbers
We looked at the facts
But what we were told
Could never really be backed

The KLPD Board
Assured us they knew
Allowed us to speak
But still we were screwed

Dan from the town
Started to run
Destroyed the incumbent
Perhaps we weren’t done

We then put it out
To all the voters
Green renewable energy
Continuing boaters

The straw vote results
They were overwhelming
To help feed the town
Keep streetlights a glowing

As the new year comes nigh
We’ll continue our fight
With accountants and lawyers
To make sure it’s right

Our voices will finally cause clear action
Save the Mousam has real traction
So begins the festival of lights
And just for now I’ll say good night